Increasing capacity at home and in the developing world

Interpaks training
Interpaks training program for agriculture extension producers

Baobab has created training courses in video techniques for both amateurs and professionals. With the Ministry of Agriculture Extension department of China we developed a 2-week intensive program to upgrade the skills of video producers from 10 Chinese provinces. In the Philippines we created a 4- week course in basic educational video production. We have also done full semester courses in radio documentary journalism. We have worked with NGOs and research institutes to provide skills in recording and documenting projects for use in fund raising and even as part of the research itself. We can give courses in basic writing skills for news releases, online articles and annual reports.

We believe that the best learning is done in real, rather than in simulated situations and that individual training, while useful, can have its impact multiplied if more stakeholders are involved. For example training the journalists from a radio station is good, but including station management in a complimentary course about audiences and audience needs, program and budget management and the basics of journalistic decision-making can augment the effectiveness of any specialized course.

Each course is unique

We believe that the training must meet real needs, so we take time to do an assessment of the students who will take our courses to ensure we tailor material to specific circumstances and levels of knowledge. In addition to editorial and management skills we can also handle technical training and the use of modern broadcast tools, such as production software.

Effective communications with the media

In addition to providing skills training/development for professionals in developing countries Baobab can also bring a perspective about how the northern media works, what makes a good story and how to communicate with the media to maximize the effectiveness of organizational messages.

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