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Fortress below the Hindu Kush, Kabul, Afghanistan
Wisdom is like the trunk of a Baobab tree. No one person's arms can encompass it (proverb from Upper Volta region, Ghana).

At Baobab we communicate stories of hope, of triumph, of struggle against tough odds, of justice, and of the wisdom that creates solutions. We are professionals with deep experience and great ideas. We are open, innovative, caring, and collaborative, and we understand the developing world in ways that few companies in the industrial world can. Like many of you, not only have we been there; we have lived there. It is a privilege and it really does make a difference.

We also understand how difficult it is for organizations working in the developing world to connect what they do on the ground with their donors and audiences in a meaningful way. We can help.

Please explore our website. If you have questions about what we do or would like to talk with us about a potential project, please use the contact form.

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