Branding, position and identity

An organization is more than its logo. Brand identity goes far beyond the symbols an organization uses to identify itself. It is the values that stakeholders automatically associate with those symbols that define an organization's position in its market. Baobab staff have valuable knowledge in branding, and positioning.

Stories of success

We have been associated with the successful new brand identifications and positions for two major, international research for development organizations....

IITA wordmark

At the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA) our expertise was used to develop a look and feel coupled with a tag (strap) line that gave the centre a unique position among its peers and donors. The look took all institute communications products from letterheads to decals on vehicles and gave them a common pallet of African colours. The very old fashioned, but officially registered, logo was put on the shelf and a new 'word mark' that symbolized community involvement, and innovation was created. The tag Research to nourish Africa properly identified the institute's unique position. The look was achieved with the help of a talented graphic design team. Testing among both staff and stakeholders proved extremely positive and buy in from staff was almost instantaneous.


A similar exercise with the International Maize and Wheat Improvement Centre (CIMMYT) took an already-strong set of brand values with an established logo and enhanced them by creating (with the help of a gifted graphic design team) a strong thematic look for the organization. The tag Seeding innovation... Nourishing hope symbolized both its mission and its aspirations.

Both of these international research for development groups have become more successful in fund raising since the brand and position exercises were completed. While we would never claim that the redesigns were the only reason for improvement, it is certainly likely that they helped.

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